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Maintenance & Transportation


The Maintenance & Operations Department is responsible for the numerous repair, maintenance and minor renovation activities required on a regular basis by the schools and administrative offices within the school system.  The department currently operates under the guidance of Director of Operations, Transportation & Maintenance, David Lowery.

The Crenshaw County Board of Education Maintenance Office is located at 183 Votec Drive in Luverne, Alabama. 


David Lowery

Paige McVay, Maintenance Foreman

Robert Burgans

Dee Crittenden


The Crenshaw County Board of Education's Transportation Department focuses on the safe transportation of students to and from school.  We also provide safe transportation to athletic and academic field trips.

Each year we transport over 1356 children to and from school.  The Transportation Department has 39 buses, 27 regular route buses, 1 special needs bus and 11 spare buses, and drives over 1722 miles per day.

The Crenshaw County Board of Education Transportation Department is located at 183 Votec Drive Luverne, Alabama.



David Lowery, Transportation Supervisor

Patsy Husband, Full Time Substitute Bus Driver

Adam Bryan, Transportation Lead Mechanic

James Brantley, Transportation Mechanic

Brantley High School Bus Drivers

Willodean Cross

Jean Davis

Angela Golden

Leon Hall                                                                                                                                             

Retha Johnson

Sandy Parrish

Margaret Sims

Highland Home High School Bus Drivers

Charlotte Ballard

Clay Crum

Wendy Davis

Lynn Frazier 

Beverly Horne

Marianne Owens

Karen Rhodes

Emma Shepherd

Cynthia White

Luverne High School Bus Drivers

Jean Davis

Wes Davis

Angelia Hall

Debra Holmes

Lit Jones

Leann McKenzie

Anita McNeil

Billy Moses

Sherry Warren

Michael Williamson






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