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Welcome to 21st Century Community Learning Center
 21st Century Community Learning Centers
21st Century Community Learning Centers
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Community Learning Center is an opportunity for students in grades K - 8 to receive academic assistance, take part in physical activities, and participate in enrichment activities, while while providing working parents with after-school care, all in an inviting and fun learning environment.



  • Grades Served: K - 8
  • Start Date: August 17, 2015
  • Service Dates: Each School Day
  • End Date: May 26, 2016
  • Community Learning Center Hours: 3:15 - 5:45 PM
  • Registration Fee: $5 Due at registration
  • Daily Rate: $2 per day
  • Daily Activities: Tutoring and Remediation, Homework and Test Prep, Enrichment Activities, Snack, Physical Activities
  • Activities: Field Trips and Summer Camp (TBA)
For more information contact LaFreda Griffin at (334) 335-6519 Ext. 207. Fax: (334) 335-6510. lgriffin@crenshaw-schools.org                                                     


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