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Copycat threat circulated for Brantley High School originated in New Mexico

In what appears to be a copycat situation, an online threat through Snapchat has been circulated in the Brantley community. The threat contains the exact language as a threat utilized in Belen High School, New Mexico school just yesterday. In the threat, “BHS” is used and not Brantley High School.

While this does appear to be a copycat situation, additional security will be in force on Brantley High School campus tomorrow. Students should prepare to be searched before entering the facilities. The Brantley Police, Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department, and ALEA have all been notified of this threat and are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation.

A copy of the article apparently used in this situation can be found at

Other articles noting the spread of the threat to any school that could use the BHS acronym include the following article