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Crenshaw County Schools Virtual Learning Plan

Crenshaw County Schools


Learning Roadmap

Model for Successful Instruction 

Explanation of Offering 


  • Non-traditional instruction
  • Course and content delivered virtually (online)
  • Daily online participation
  • Virtual students will participate in the learning of new material, continue standards pacing, interactive lessons, graded assignments, and assessments through a web-based platform 
    • Grades K-8: SchoolsPLP (Personalized Learning Platform)
    • Grades 9-12 SchoolsPLP (Personalized Learning Platform 
  • Characteristics of successful online learners
  • Virtual students must have a compatible electronic device sufficient to meet the requirements of the online program
  • Reliable daily internet access is the responsibility of the parent/guardian 
  • Crenshaw County Schools Virtual Learning Agreement

Expectations for All Models of Learning 

  • All students must remain in the chosen model of learning for a minimum of one 9 week grading period. 
  • Regardless of the instructional model chosen, students will be considered enrolled and continue to be entitled to all the rights, benefits, and privileges.