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Crenshaw County

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Superintendent's Message

Dr. Coe
In light of the recent school shootings and resulting ripple effects this has had in schools throughout the country, I would like to encourage parents to discuss with their children the importance of immediately reporting any physical threats to a teacher, administrator, counselor, or school resource officer so that the matter can be appropriately addressed. It is also important to let your child know that help is available if they feel that they are being bullied at school or over social media.
Parents should also caution their children about the language they use in dealing with conflicts. Comments by students that may have once been perceived as off-handed or spontaneous, must now be treated with much more scrutiny by school officials. In conversing with your child, also present the impacts of social media comments on relationships. Placing threatening information on social media in an attempt to bully or scare other students or, to attempt to disrupt school activities will also be aggressively pursued and the responsible parties will be held accountable.
We will continue to work diligently to provide your children with a safe environment for school. If you are aware of any suspicious activity or conversations, please contact your child’s principal. Thank you!