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Crenshaw County

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Students working in class.

Class rooms

Judy Mitchell Class

Students caught by surprise!

Changing class.

Changing classes at Highland Home School.

Student representation

All in the family!

Valedictorians and Salutatorians with Board Members

2017-18 Valedictorians and Salutatorians with Board Members

Teacher student interaction

Mrs. Baines using Smart Board in Math class to introduce a concept.

Classroom assignments

A classroom using pen and pencil instead of technology for an assignment.

JV Cheerleaders at Luverne

Luverne JV Cheerleaders.

Science class experiment

Working with Dancing Worms in Mrs. Free's Science class at Brantley School.

Reading in class.

Reading in class.


Students from Crenshaw County Schools examining bones of rats or possibly sheep at the Lab at Troy University during a field trip.

Robotics assignment

Robotics programming assignment at Highland Home School.

County School Spelling Bee Winners

County wide Spelling Bee Winners: 1st Place A' Miracle Taylor Luverne; 2nd Place Jake Duett, Highland Home; 3rd Place Lane Duett, Highland Home.

Students problem solving

Students problem solving at Highland Home School.


Students using scissors. 

Story Board

Reader to Leader...

Planning the program

Programming a robot for the first time is tedious.

Reading program

Many task as reading fundamentals are applied.


Mrs. Forbes Science class at Luverne Junior High where they use Chromebooks and Smart Board Technology.

Robotics Participants

Students who competed in the Robotics competition.

Students reading.

Students reading at Luverne Elementary.

FBLA Meeting.

FBLA meeting at Highland Home.

Mrs. Layton's English Class at Brantley on Friday.

Mrs. Layton's English Class at Brantley High School on a typical Friday.

Soccer at Luverne

Soccer... where is the ball?

Students in Mrs. Henderson's room.

Mrs. Henderson's room.

Students in class

Emphasizing reading.

FFA Career Tech Representatives

Crenshaw County Board of Education and Dr. Coe recognizes Career Tech FFA representatives and their teachers from Brantley, Highland Home and Luverne Schools.

Basic Robotics at Highland Home School.

Basic Robotics programming in action at Highland Home School.


Multi-tasking is a must in the classroom.

At the locker

Junior high hallway at Luverne.

spelling check

Checking a students spelling ability in the 21st Century After School Program.

Student reading

Student reading and studying geometric figures in the 21st Century After School Program at Luverne.

Robotics class

Robotics introduction assignment from the teacher.

Social Studies

Smart Board Technology is used in Dale Simmons' History class.

Upcoming Events

Dodd Hawthorne, Superintendent

Recent News

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Highland Home Band tuning up before football game.

Highland Home Band getting ready for a football game.

Luverne Cheerleaders and Mascot

2017-18 Luverne Cheerleaders and Mascot

Band playing during time out!

Band playing during time out.

Brantley Cheerleaders 2017-18 warming up standing tall.

Standing tall!

Highland Home Cheerleaders 2017-18!

2017-18 Highland Home Cheerleaders!

Luverne Band Halftime performance

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