• Welcome to Child Nutrition

    The Child Nutrition Program is operated in accordance with the regulations of the National School Lunch Act (USDA) and regulations of the Alabama State Department of Education and the Crenshaw County Board of Education.  We believe that the improvement and expansion of the Child Nutrition Program in the Crenshaw County School System is a continuing process and, as such, is a vital part of today's educational program.  Every child deserves a meal that is healthy, tastes good and he or she is eager to eat.  A child who is not hungry performs better in school. 


  •                                   Crenshaw County Cafeteria Prices

                                                   SY 2022 - 2023

    Breakfast                                                   Lunch

    Student                 No Charge                      Student                 No Charge

    Employee              $2.00                             Employee              $4.25

    Visitor                  $2.25                             Visitor                  $5.00

                                                      Alacarte Items

    Entrée                             $1.75

    Fruit                               $  .50

    Vegetable                        $  .50

    Milk                               $  .50

    Water                              $1.25

    Juice                               $  .50   

    Tea                                 $  .50

    Baked Chips                     $  .75