•        I am blessed and honored to serve as the Principal of Luverne School. I love Luverne and take pride in being a Tiger. I grew up a Tiger and Luverne was the very reason I wanted to become an educator. Luverne invested in my life as an individual growing up and I knew I wanted to make the same impact in the lives of others. To have the opportunity to be at home and speak life into the next generation is truly remarkable. Luverne has truly shaped me as an individual and I am so excited about the opportunity to be part of your journey as a Luverne Tiger.  

           We will continue our “Tradition of Excellence” through our amazing Tiger Family. All stakeholders are part of the Tiger Family and play a critical role in the success of our school and community. Our vision is excellence through innovation, inspiration, and motivation. We believe in creating a culture where positive relationships are the foundation from which we will build upon. Students will be loved and provided for academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe in involving stakeholders to make sure that decisions made are in the best interest of our students. A safe and sound environment will be a priority to make sure a quality learning environment is provided to all.

           It is our mission to promote and support a culture of excellence for all students to achieve personal, academic, and career success. We will prepare our students for beyond graduation through modeling and teaching the expectations and skills necessary for success. Our students are the future leaders and will bring positive changes to the world we live in. It is our responsibility to prepare and ensure they will be ready when their opportunities arrive. Educating our students is a collaborative endeavor between teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students, and the community. We must unite to provide what is best for our students to ensure their development now and success for the future. I look forward to the future of Luverne and the entire Tiger Family as we continue to strive to make positive changes in the lives of others! 


Luverne L