• My name is Kelley Crum.  I am a graduate of Highland Home High School , Class of 1995,  who is now a LHS Tiger.    I am married and have three children.  My husband is a bus driver for Luverne High School  and my children are Luverne Tigers as well.  I am a Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher.  I received my Early Childhood Education hours from Trenholm State Community College in Montgomery.  I have been employed by the Crenshaw County School System since January 2015.  I worked along side Mrs Tiffany Fussell at Highland Home School from January 2015 - May 2021, Mrs Gayla Littlejohn from August 2021- September 10, 2021 until I was transferred to Luverne High School, where I am currently working in Pre-K with Mrs Tiffany Worthington.  

    I love to  work with the four year olds.  It is so rewarding to watch them learn and explore new things and sometimes I learn a few things from them also.   I love all the kids with all my heart just like they were my own.  The most precious feeling is watching their faces light up when they discover something new.  The best thing in the world about K-4 is seeing them at school and outside of school when they run up and give you hugs, this makes any day better.  It is well known that if you are having a bad day or just need some love K-4 is the BEST place to come!